Techpipe AS

About us

Techpipe AS was founded in 1996 as a consulting company for the oil and Gas industry.

We are located at
Dysjalandsveien 86
4156 Mosterøy, Norway
Techpipe AS was partly put on hold when owner/manager Jan Berg-Johansen moved to Houston, summer 2012 with his family. When returning to Norway late 2015, the market for consulting service in the oil industry had changed dramatically, and Techpipe looked for new markets.
Summer 2015 while we spent the vacation in Norway I was changing three loose tiles in the hall.  It was a very big job, and I spent two days removing the tiles and all the old adhesive. The house was a mess with all the dust and grits. 3rd day I spent re-gluing the old tiles back.

I had several other loose tiles in the house and checked if there were any product in Scandinavia that could do this job easier. I could not find any products.

After returning to Texas, I checked if there were any products in the US for this, and then I discovered Fix-A-Floor. I bought some tubes, and brought them back to Norway when we moved home in October 2015.

Back home I had 4 other loose tiles I used Fix-A-Floor on. These tiles took me 30 minutes to fix, with no dust or mess.
I was so impressed, I contacted Fix-A-Floor Worldwide, and asked to get the dealership for Scandinavia and Finland.
Techpipe AS has now exclusive right to sell Fix-A-Floor in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.
We expect to get the first shipment in the middle of May.